Architectural Facades
Our architectural meshes give contemporary design freedom and are highly versatile for combining throughout interior and exterior architectural projects. As a long established company, our expertise and experience in architecture & construction means that our mesh has been incorporated into many historical landmark buildings in addition to recent prestigious projects. Meshes can be combined to create striking visual effects.

We understand that each architectural project is unique in its demands and scope. Our dedicated knowledgeable specification we will ensure that you get the information and guidance required to create the effect you desire.

Towards New Horizons

It is important for commercial and residential premises to optically communicate its image. The secret lies in the ability to create fittings and fixtures which largely merge with the background. At the same time, the equipment needs to be sufficiently robust to withstand constant heavy strain. The cross-industrial and residential trend is towards transparency and lightness. Expanded metal is therefore the ideal choice for modern architectural systems.


Balcony & Window Guards

are reliable maintenance free protection against vandalism, forced entry, and accidental breakage. These guards protect your windows and buildings, providing fall protection for children. Perfect for areas next to playgrounds, ballfields, low roof setbacks and ground floor windows. Allows full window operation with optimal airflow for areas with restrictions for small children.
This mesh gives security a new character. The close approximation of the mesh openings prevents the use of powerful cutting tools. The high number of nodes necessitates more than three times the number of cuts, when compared to the aforementioned standard mesh, in order to achieve a hole of the same size. This mesh has been tested by diverse judicial authorities and received praise for its optimal penetration protection.
Fencing Design: Choose between open, transparent mesh for fences which allow a view of the premises, or closed mesh to ensure discretion.
The discreet design of the mesh protects you from inquisitive “guests” but nevertheless offers sufficient transparency to prevent having the appearance of a closed wall. Large and small mesh openings are available. The stable metal construction additionally offers high resistance against storm and vandalism.
Sun Screen & Wind Protection Lattices
We have devised a sun protection system with slats made from expanded metal which facilitated a multiple usage: daylight economy, thermal insulation, sun protection and, last but not least, an unmistakeable appearance.
The myriad of individual domes which are created during the expansion of the metal function as innumerable sun protection slats. At close range the individual slats appear transparent in all directions: from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside.
ind protection slats not only caters to fulfil the strictest safety requirements regarding the protection of people, vehicles and buildings against jet stream, but also prevents damage to aeroplanes caused by the reverse circulation of jet stream.
The wind protection lattices are custom-made in accordance with the individual requirements of the airport. The combination of reliable protection and transparency is a particularly strong argument in favour of ASM’s (Asian Streck Metals) expanded metals for this application.
Reinforcement for Non-Structural Applications
Expanded metal is a length of expanded steel mesh with continuity of steel throughout. Has no joints, welds or interweaving to fail under stress. Once mortared into brickwork the diamond shaped meshes are anchored immovably so that the reinforcement cannot slip under tension.
Advantages and benefits of light expanded metal mesh:
Expanded metal plastering mesh is the perfect combination of qualities such as strength and flexibility and low weight. Compared to welded mesh and woven mesh, it is the structural
integrity – no stitches and welds, which greatly simplifies the work with the product during installation and transportation.
Can be cut into any shape, while maintaining its strength.
Due to its plasticity, it is convenient for mounting on curved and angled surfaces.
Can be used in plastering and tiling works on virtually any surface: concrete, brick, plaster, wood.
Has maximum grip and is easy to open, easy to handle and use.

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